Evaluation of lectures and classes


The evaluation of lectures and classes carried out at the end of each semester is aimed to gather the students' opinions on the quality of the lectures and classes they have attended. This feedback enables the University to find out what are the strong and weak points of the teaching process.The analysis of the results of the research not only contributes to the overall assessment of the academic staff, but also forms the basis for the new solutions aimed at improving the quality of education. 


The evaluation of lectures and classes by the JU students is carried out after each semester. During the five weeks after the lectures and classes are over the questionnaires about the particular courses are available on the University Student Management System (www.usosweb.uj.edu.pl) individual accounts. The questions are grouped into two sections: the ones common to all the University units and those adapted to the specific programmes and types of courses. Besides, each student may make his own comments regarding a given course.   

The survey is conducted on a voluntary and discreet basis. The collective data are statistically analyzed and interpreted, and the reports are presented to the authorities of the University and the heads of its particular units.

The students who fill the greatest number of questionnaires take part in a lottery with book tokens (worth 200 zlotys each) as prizes. This acts as an additional incentive for students to participate in the evaluation survey.

Besides, a new evaluation of the secretary offices staff, financial assistance coordinators, and selected university-wide units is to begin soon. The students will have an opportunity to evaluate the administrative staff according to five basic criteria: politeness, communicativeness, effectiveness and reliability of the information provided. The evaluation questionnaires will be available on the individual USOS accounts.